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  • Therapy for Individuals Seeking
    Healing & Restoration

    I help people to find themselves by knowing their true selves

    Your Change Starts Today!

    If you have experienced a relationship breakup or a traumatic incident; you might wonder if you will ever find a partner again or you might be feeling guilty or not good enough. With hard work and the tools I offer; I walk you through the healing and fast recovery process so you can rebuild your self-confidence and feel hopeful about the future.

    Virtual Counseling to decrease anxiety, depression, stress, relationships..

    I help folks to find themselves by discovering their true selves, becoming the best version, and learning from their life experiences, feelings and thoughts.

    Aventurine is known for individual therapy, to help you break through and overcome difficult life circumstances, and grow.

    About Frances C. Perez

    Hi There! I'm Frances Perez, and I help folks to overcome difficult life circumstances, experiences, unexpected incidents, and unwanted feelings by discovering their true selves and their internal healing powers. 

    Getting to know every single layer of me and reflecting on every single life experience, has helped me to gain more insight and a better understanding of the amazing things I'm truly capable of. 

    Yes, I believe we have super tools inside all of us!