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  • 3 Tips To Find A Better Solution To Resolve Your Current Problem

    Tip # 1.

    Wanted Outcome

    Ask and consult with yourself, what is the best outcome you want to experience for this specific situation. We as human beings are experts in putting out there what we don’t want, like, or experience in our life: I don’t like this job, I don’t want to catch a cold, I don’t want to experience this anxiety anymore…. and so on. You get the idea right.

    But if we leave it at that, only focusing on those don’t wants, we pretty much get more and more of those in our daily lives. You end up catching that cold or feeling anxious. Remember where your attention goes, the energy flows.

    Make a list of those don’t wants in this situation and next to it write what you want to happen in this situation; finish every I don’t want with I do want….

    I don’t want this person in my life anymore, I want someone that I can relate with and feel good about myself……..

    I don’t want to feel sad about myself anymore, I want to feel confident within me…….


    Tip # 2.


    If you are used to getting a bit negative and start engaging in those destructive unconscious negative thoughts; maybe this time, for this situation, you want to try and choose a different perspective about it, a perspective that even if the problem gets bigger you feel at your best from the inside. Easier said and done right!

    We as human beings are capable to think before we react on any circumstance, we are capable to decide what are we going to do, think and feel about the situation: Believe or not, Yes We Have This Amazing Power. Step yourself out of the situation and think how do I really want to approach this problem in this moment.


    It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.

    William James

    Tip # 3. 


    Now, that you have tried and started finish that sentence with what you want to happen, feel or think; and that you have step out of the situation a chosen this time around a different attitude about it, Keep on going with it!

    If trying these out, has worked for you, be consistent with yourself, remind yourself that this is the new you because Change Starts With You!

    Great Job My Friend!