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  • Awareness: First Step to Change

    Are you struggling with yourself? Feeling that you have no control over your feelings and emotions?

    Read on how to discover your real self, and find your inner peace. 

    Many people are afraid to look inside themselves because it might only remind them of a past that they have been running from, or maybe because they believe that it defines them. The truth is that going inside of you is the answer to healing from that terrifying past, is the answer to discovering wisdom, to discover the amazing power within.

    Awareness is the first step to freedom

    Becoming aware of habits, or patterns, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that have been ruling your life or taking over with time, without even noticing them; is one of the first steps to getting to know the real you, and by knowing you, you will experience freedom and peace that only comes from within.

    Most of the time we do, think or act, and then we feel shame or guilt, or we go and do what others have done, or listen to others like family members, friends, society, and partners; but this only adds more confusion and self-doubts.

    Stop, Think, Self-Reflect

    We are not so used to asking conscious questions to ourselves, we have always been asked to memorize things, or follow others, or do, or be like others, or please others; but how many times have you stopped to really think about You. Who Am I, What do I really want for myself, What are those things that I really like, What is my purpose in this life.

    Many of us are living our lives on autopilot, and then when we get to what looks like a dead-end. Maybe what looks like a dead-end is just another way for the universe or God, or whatever it is, that is bigger than us, to let us know that we are forgetting or is about time to face our internal fears because by doing so, we find our true selves.

    Take a few moments during the day, before going to bed or when we wake up before rushing to make it through the morning; and really stop and think, ask important questions to yourself, don’t be afraid to know the answer; be honest with ourselves is the biggest freedom of all. Stop and think, what are those things that make you so happy, so authentic, ask what do you really need to do for yourself to be happy, wait for the answer, wait for that answer that comes from your heart; which is the only place where it lies the truth, your intuition, that little voice that we tend to miss it.

    When you ask conscious questions to yourself, your mind starts to focus on those questions and doesn’t waste time focusing on depression, anxiety, or the past. Direct questions help you focus on what is really important, The Real You, Your True Self.


    Stop giving your power away and take control of yourself starting from Today. We have the biggest power of all, which is to make conscious decisions. Start putting into practice those answers that you are

    getting, and start engaging in healthy habits that help you to get the results that you want, take 100% responsibility for your life now, and listen to your true self, be your authentic You.

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